About us

Europe’s leading independent
Fractional Jet specialists

We created the Open Market for Fractional Jets

Launched in 2008, Fractional Jet Europe established the secondary market for jet shares, private jet cards and flight hours.

For more than a decade we have helped our customers save millions of Euros on their flying costs.

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Flexible access

We offer flexibility and convenience while enabling you to fly on the best and safest fleets in the world.

Fly the best and safest fractional jet fleets, with no long-term commitment.

You can buy just a few hours to fulfil a short-term need, or a discounted share for your corporate needs. Whatever your requirements we offer tailor-made solutions.

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No Capital, No Depreciation

You can fly without the need to purchase a share and without exposure to depreciation costs.

Whatever your choice we guarantee to reduce your flying costs with no compromise on service and safety. Fly the best for less.

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