Cessna Citation - XLS

The world's most popular private jet

The Cessna Citation XLS offers a great combination of a spacious mid-size cabin, boasting excellent luggage capacity, superb short take-off & landing capabilities and exceptional range.

This is an ideal aircraft for any European destination and any type of mission.

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Spacious cabin

The Cessna Citation XLS boasts a spacious cabin (5'8"/1.73cm tall) that means you have plenty of room to move around the aircraft with ease.

The fully reclining seats make your journey smooth and comfortable and ensure you arrive fresh and relaxed at your destination.

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Luggage for the whole family

You won't have to compromise on the amount of luggage you take on the Citation XLS.

The enormous baggage compartment is the best of any jet in this category, at 90 cu.ft./2.55 cu.m.

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