Fly Confidently With One Of Our
Fractional Jet Programs

Safety & Security

Due to the nature of fractional jet programs such as NetJets; it means that they own, operate and manage their own fleet. Which means that they are able to guarantee the highest standards of both safety and security.

This means that they are able to train their own pilots, as well as servicing their own aircraft. So you can be sure that you are flying on the best and safest fleet in the world.

Warren Buffet (NetJets' owner) said, “Spend whatever it takes to be the safest and most secure. Then spend whatever it takes to stay that way.”

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One phone call is all that it takes to make a booking. Every aspect of your flight is planned, coordinated and delivered by your dedicated Owner Services Team, so you can rest easy.

You have guaranteed availability 24/7, including weekends & holidays from as little as 10 hours notice.

You fly on superbly maintained aircraft flown by some of the most experienced pilots in the industry.

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The Right Aircraft

NetJets has a global fleet of over 600 aircraft. You buy hours on one specific aircraft, but you have access to the entire fleet.

From a Phenom 300 for a short hop to Paris to a Global 6000 to fly non-stop to Tokyo, you can choose the most cost-effective aircraft for any particular flight.

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Guaranteed Pricing

Wherever your plans may take you, you can budget with confidence and fly with the best fleet in the world.

Pricing is fixed for the duration of your agreement. Flight hours are charged from take-off to landing, with no empty legs to pay for*.

*Within the primary operational area.

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Images and information are indicative and vary according to the specific aircraft.