Piaggio Avanti EVO

The world's most advanced turboprop

The Piaggio Avanti EVO has the speed and performance of a jet combined with the low operating costs of a turboprop.

You don't need to compromise on comfort to fly at a sensible price. With room for all the family, the Avanti is a genuine alternative to a jet.

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Fast, quiet, spacious, green

The Avanti has the most spacious and comfortable cabin of any aircraft in its class. 5'9"/1.75m tall - 6'1"/1.85m wide.

At a price you would normally pay for a small, cramped and, shall we say, functional light jet you can stretch out in a midsize cabin normally reserved for jets costing twice the price.

With ultra-low emissions the Piaggio Avanti EVO means you can fly in style and leave a lighter footprint.

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Your own Personal airline.

Sometimes less is more. With Fractional Jet you can be part of our exclusive fleet of Piaggio Avanti EVO aircraft.

More personal, more exclusive, more refined.

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