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Established in 2008, Fractional Jet Europe created the secondary market for NetJets Flight Hours and Shares. 

We make it simple, straightforward and affordable to fly with NetJets, the world’s number 1 private jet company.  

Flexible Access

We offer flexible, discounted access to the NetJets fleet, the best and safest fleet of private jets in the world.

Whatever your requirements, from a few flight hours to a regular business schedule, we provide tailor-made solutions to make your flying as cost-effective as possible.

No Capital, No Depreciation

You can now fly on NetJets without the need to purchase a share in an aircraft and with no long-term contract. 

With no capital cost and no exposure to depreciation you have guaranteed savings and the flexibility you need. 

Safety & Security

Because NetJets own, operate and manage their own fleet they can guarantee the highest standards of service, safety and security.

Don’t compromise when it comes to the safety of you and your family.  

NetJets offers certainty in an uncertain world.


"Safety isn't expensive, it's priceless."

– Anon


Since 2008

Fractional Jet Europe was founded by Chris Moody, former head of sales for NetJets in London.

Chris was part of the team that launched the original Marquis Jet Card in Europe, in 2002. With the looming financial crisis 2008, Chris saw the need for added flexibility in the Fractional Jet market.

He launched Fractional Jet Europe in September 2008 and created the secondary market for NetJets shares and flight hours. 

For over a decade we have made it easy to fly on the NetJets fleet, with guaranteed savings.  

our core values

Our Mission

At Fractional Jet Europe our aim is to provide our customers with the very best and safest private flying at a reasonable cost.  We believe the guarantees offered by a fractional fleet are the only way to ensure the highest standards on every flight.

The ad-hoc jet charter market is a fragmented business with many small, independent operators. Standards of service, training, cleanliness, experience, financial stability and the age of the aircraft can vary enormously.  

By what criteria do you choose who to fly with? What do you really know about the operator, about their pilots’ experience or their training programs? What do you know about their maintenance procedures, their operational standards, their safety protocols? 

The recent events of the Covid-19 pandemic have shown that planning for the unexpected is a wise investment. Safety is not an option, it is a basic requirement.  

Indepedent, impartial advice

We help you through the minefield of private aviation to ensure you choose wisely, with all the facts at your disposal. Mistakes in aviation are expensive - we help you avoid them.

Great Service

We handle all aspects of your flying to save you the hassle. From contracts to flight bookings to ground transport and catering.


People's circumstances change. We tailor our programmes to suit your own very personal requirements. You can add more hours, cut back or cancel as you need.

Exceptional Value

We guarantee to save you money while ensuring your safety is the number one priority at all times. Fly the best for less.

We created the Secondary market for Fractional Jet Flight hours and Shares

For more than a decade we have helped our customers save millions of Euros on their flying costs.

Attention to detail

NetJets Private JetOne phone call or email is all that it takes to make a booking. Every aspect of your flight is planned, coordinated and delivered by your dedicated Owner Services Team, so you can rest easy.

You fly on superbly maintained aircraft flown by some of the most experienced pilots in the industry.

Need a car to the airport? Want a surprise gift onboard for your wife? Have a favourite champagne you’d like for a special occasion? Special dietary requirements?

Whatever it takes, we’ll arrange it to ensure every flight is as good as it can possibly be.

Questions And Answers

No.  We appreciate that everyone’s needs are different and will tailor something to suit.  

The hours don’t expire so there is no requirement to use them within a certain timeframe.

No, you have access to the entire NetJets fleet, both in Europe and the US. You can interchange into any aircraft, smaller or larger.

There is an interchange ratio between each aircraft. You simply use more hours if you fly in a larger aircraft and less hours in a smaller one. 

Flight time is from take-off to landing, plus six minutes of taxi time at each end.

There are no empty legs to pay for.  You pay only for ‘occupied hours’, i.e. with you in the aircraft.

Yes of course. You have to have the relevant pet passport, and fly into airports that accept pets.

Let us know your needs and we will help you choose the most suitable solution for you.

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