Hawker 800XP

Perfect for business

The Hawker 800XP has exceptional range, with destinations such as Tel Aviv within its impressive capabilities.

When you don't need a large cabin but need a large jet's range and comfort, the Hawker is a perfect choice.

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A little more luxury

The cabin of the Hawker 800XP is wider and taller than a typical midsize jet, giving that extra bit of shoulder space and leg room.

Known as the 'boardroom in the sky' the Hawker is an economic and efficient business jet.

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3,200 mile range

The Hawker has proved itself over many years to get you to your destination just a little quicker and a little more rested.

For longer flights up to 3,200 miles that extra refinement makes a difference.

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Images are courtesy of their respective owners. Header photo: By Christoph Plank https://flic.kr/p/QQVR5Q

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