Certainty in an uncertain world

NetJets has been an industry leader for more than half a century. They invented the fractional aircraft ownership concept, gradually expanding it to the approximately 750 aircraft they own and operate today. There is literally nothing else like NetJets in the world. No other private flight provider comes close to their global reach.

NetJets - A Superior Experience

NetJets Challenger 350 Aircraft Parked

With NetJets, you have guaranteed availability of an aircraft from as little as 10 hours notice. 

Buy hours in one jet and have access to NetJets entire fleet, consisting of approximately 100 aircraft in Europe and 750  globally, from the Phenom 300 light jet to the Global 6000 with intercontinental range. You can choose the right jet for your precise needs, every time, with no compromise.

Whether travelling for business or leisure, every aspect of your flight is planned, coordinated, confirmed, and delivered by the NetJets Owner Services Team.

“Spend Whatever It Takes To Be The Safest And Most Secure. Then Spend Whatever It Takes To Stay That Way."

– Warren Buffett
Charmain & Chief Executive,
Berkshire Hathaway

The largest, safest fleet in the world

NetJets own and operate their entire fleet of approximately 750 aircraft globally.  They control all aspects of the ownership, operation and maintenance of that fleet.

You have the certainty of knowing you are flying in a superbly maintained jet, flown by consummate professionals with thousands of hours of experience.


NetJets is a truly global operation. In 2016, NetJets Europe alone flew over 46,000 flights (transporting 79,715 passengers) to more than 762 airports in 113 countries.

Need a larger aircraft? Need to fly today? Need to take your pet on holiday with you? No problem.


No matter where in the world you need to fly, you will receive the same extraordinarily high standards in safety, service, and comfort.

Planning your flight takes one call.  Your Owner Services Team takes care of everything.


You have the comfort of knowing that you have the resources of the largest private jet company in the world supporting you on every flight.

In the event of the unexpected, or simply a change of plan, they have the resources to find a resolution, fast.


Your Jet or better

If your jet isn’t available when you need it, NetJets provide a similar model or upgrade you to the next cabin class at no additional cost. And you always have the option to upgrade to an aircraft with more seats or for a longer distance for a fee.

No repositioning fees

NetJets flight hours are from takeoff to landing, wherever you want to fly. There are no repositioning fees, or empty legs to pay for.* 

The best of All worlds

Convenience, service, safety, and flexibility. Enjoy the cleanest and best-maintained jets in the world, stringent safety standards, availability in as little as 10 hours, and service and discretion unrivaled in the industry.

*Within NetJets Primary Operational Area. Fees can apply if you take the aircraft outside the POA. 

Owner Services Teams

who speak multiple languages

Onsite NetJets Service Representatives

located at high-volume European cities

600+ pilots & cabin crew

who fly exclusively for NetJets

We created the Secondary market for Fractional Jet Flight hours and Shares

For more than a decade we have helped our customers save millions of Euros on their flying costs.


Snacks & Beverages

Every one of NetJets aircraft are stocked with a wide assortment of popular beverages, fine wines and light snacks.

In-Flight Dining

NetJets Signature Series catering offers a wide menu of beautifully created meals suited to the time of day, prepared to your choice by the best local chefs and leading restaurants across Europe.

In-Flight Entertainment

In the newest aircraft you can enjoy feature films, television shows and news items updated weekly. All available one your favourite digital device.


All new NetJets aircraft have Wi-Fi that's best in class within the business aircraft industry. Send emails and browse the Internet in-flight.


Staffed 24/7, every day of the year including weekends and holidays.

With the continuous increase in flight volume around Europe, airport access is vital within the flight planning process. NetJets advanced slot planning focuses on the need to ensure that you can meet your schedule.

A dedicated team of experts monitor and react to any potential disruption on the day of the flight, ensuring a consistent and smooth operation.

Any event is reviewed and resolved as swiftly and seamlessly as possible.

You have the reassurance of constant flight monitoring. 

NetJets dedicated team for Safety and Quality constantly monitors your destinations for any operational or weather considerations to maximise safety and minimise any impact on your flight.

NetJets Security Team works closely with government agencies around the world, adjusting to changes that might potentially impact NetJets Owners, crew and aircraft.

At many airports, our private boarding lounges eliminate lines and simplify customs. NetJets Owners enjoy exclusive access to secure, private points of departure

Exit your vehicle and board in minutes, or enjoy a beverage or snack while your fellow travellers arrive.

NetJets Maintenance and Engineering team works in close cooperation with the aircraft manufacturers. 

Maintenance is performed on the aircraft only by the respective aircraft manufacturers or approved Service Centres and is monitored through our continuing airworthiness processes.

While flying privately (and avoiding crowded, commercial airports) already provides a high level of protection, NetJets have developed a comprehensive plan in response to the Covid-19 virus. This includes: 

Pre-flight screening: All flight details and additional information concerning your previous or future travel plans are reviewed to ensure all medically appropriate questions regarding potential exposure and symptoms are cleared before the flight. 

In addition, prior to boarding, your crew will ask additional screening questions to minimise any risk. No recently exposed or symptomatic passengers are authorised to travel on NetJets’ aircraft. Onboard thermometers are available for passenger checks if deemed appropriate.

Aircraft cleaning: NetJets crew ensure aircraft are cleaned after every flight with onboard disinfectant fluid proven to be effective against Covid-19. 

A deep clean is scheduled every 2 days using products proven to be effective against the virus. Whenever necessary an even more extensive cleaning process is available which includes disinfection fogging.

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